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    You still have questions about career opportunities at We have compiled the most important information for you briefly and compactly in 3 clear lists of topics.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Would you like to join us, but still have a few questions? Here you will find the most important information about your entry opportunities, our application process and similar topics.

    Are the job vacancies on the homepage up-to-date?

    Yes, we continually update our job portal. This is why it only shows you vacant positions.

    How long does the job application process take?

    It depends on the job you apply for, because: the community stretches over multiple corporations within the Krones Group. And each of them has a slightly different recruiting process. However, you will always receive notification once your application has reached us. If we should need a slightly longer time to process your application, we will keep you informed with a status update.

    Should my application prove unsuccessful, will I be informed of the precise reasons for this?

    After a job interview, your point of contact from Human Resources will be only too pleased to give you feedback about how your interview went. Unfortunately we cannot provide you with any information for job applications declined without a job interview.

    If my application is declined, am I free to apply again?

    Of course you may! Tip: If your application for a particular position has been declined, it is best to apply for another job in the community. This will increase your chances of success. Or have you already had a job interview with us and your application was subsequently declined? Then we would recommend that you first request feedback from your contact person in Human Resources.

    Can I improve my chances if I phone about my application?

    No, a phone call has no impact on the selection process. However, we are only too pleased to answer specific questions if they are important for your application. Everything else will be clarified in the job interview.

    May I apply for several job positions simultaneously?

    Yes, you may of course also apply for more than one job if you would be suitable for a number of positions. However, it is important for us to find a common thread in your applications and primarily to visualise your suitability for the individual job profiles.

    May I also send you an unsolicited job application?

    If you are unable to find a suitable job vacancy, we would also be pleased to receive an unsolicited application from you.

    What are the main qualification profiles sought after on

    Our focus is on automation and digitalisation. This is why we are particularly on the look-out for IT professionals – and this across all of our divisions: from software development and UI/UX design through to project management.

    What entry opportunities do you offer for university graduates?

    We offer university graduates the opportunity to enter directly. Current vacancies can be found in our job portal.

    What starting salaries can university graduates expect?

    The entry-level salary depends on the position and is in line with the salaries that are customary in the industry.

    Does have any holiday jobs for school or university students?

    No, we do not offer any holiday jobs as a general rule.

    What does »readiness to travel mean«?

    Some positions explicitly require that a person be willing to travel. This involves travelling anywhere in the world for a variable duration.

    How is data protected in

    All of the information and data you provide us with will be treated with care in accordance with the stipulations of the EU Data General Protection Regulation and the German Data Protection Act (new) [EU-GDPR and DPA (new)]. Personal information and thus all applicant data passed on to us will be treated with absolute confidentiality and only used for application purposes.

    Which languages should I speak for a successful application?

    We are international. This is why you should definitely be able to reliably communicate in English. Ideally, you should also be able to speak good German or have other foreign languages skills.

    Which internships does have to offer?

    You can find all vacant internship positions in our job portal. There you may also select your own individual search criteria to display suitable positions.

    At which locations and in which areas does offer internships?

    We offer internships and final-thesis positions in almost all of our company divisions and at each corporate site of our community. All of our vacancies can be found in our job portal.

    What are the requirements for an internship at

    A basic requirement is that you be enrolled at a university or college of further education. Since we would like to offer you an in-depth insight into our community, you should plan for your internship to last at least three months. We also expect you to have a great interest in the corporate sector in which you will be working.

    How can I apply for an internship?

    You can easily apply for a pre-study and basic internship, or for a practical semester, in our job portal.

    What documents do I need to apply for an internship or a final-thesis position?

    Please send us the following documents (maximum 8 MB):

    • Job application letter
    • Curriculum vitae
    • Qualification certificates/proof of grades from the university or college of further education
    • Proof of other applications, where applicable
    • Simply use your job application to provide us with details regarding the period you would like to use for the internship/student training/final-thesis work.
    How long beforehand can I apply for an internship?

    The application deadline is normally three to four months before the start of our desired internship. However, applications at short notice may still be considered.

    When will I receive a response to my application for an internship or final-thesis position?

    Once your documents reach us, we will immediately send you a confirmation e-mail.

    Can I complete a so-called »mandatory internship« at

    Of course you may! In accordance with the respective higher education guidelines, we offer you the opportunity to gain an insight into our community as part of pre-study/basic study internships and practical semester positions.

    How long do student internships last at

    The duration of the mandatory internship depends on the guidelines and the study regulations of the respective place of higher education and is normally between three and six months. You should also plan at least three months for a voluntary internship.

    Can I apply for an internship followed by a study final-thesis position?

    It is generally possible to combine an internship with a final-thesis position. However, this is decided on a case-by-case basis.

    Can I take part in an internship abroad at

    Basically speaking, yes. However, international internships are not assigned through our central applicant management system in Germany. If you are interested in an international internship, please contact the subsidiary in question directly at the location you would like to work. You can find a complete list of our subsidiaries here.

    How can I apply for a final-thesis research position in

    You can find a number of current research subjects in our job portal. Should you find a suitable subject, we look forward to receiving your application. We would also be pleased to receive an unsolicited final-thesis application.

    May I also submit my own subject proposals for a final thesis?

    Of course you can! Simply send an unsolicited application through our job portal.