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    For higher output, canning block now comes with a 14-head Modulseam

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    02. November 2023
    3:15 min.

    Extraordinarily fast, hygienic and rugged: The new 14-head Modulseam exceeds all the requirements for closing cans perfectly and securely. This evolution of the Modulseam is designed for those wanting to combine high-speed performance and top-of-the-line hygiene.

    A number of modifications have enabled this latest variant of the can seamer to achieve the best performance yet – in several respects:

    Speed-record breaker

    The new 14-head variant of the Modulseam adds an impressive speed of up to 110,000 cans per hour to Krones’ can seaming portfolio, thus offering an optimal solution to bridge the gap between the 12- and 18-head variants for the high output range.

    Ultimate space saver

    Krones prefers to integrate the machine into its filler-seamer block for cans, which goes by the name Modulfill Bloc FS-C. This gives beverage makers the advantage of perfect coordination between the two systems: Shared features like the central HMI control panel reduce the number of interfaces, and the block requires considerably less floor space than a configuration with separate filler and seamer. 

    ➔ Block configuration also available with a compact cleanroom
    For sensitive beverages, the Modulfill Bloc FS-C can be supplied with a compact cleanroom on request. This option reduces the footprint by around 35 percent and the height by some 2.5 meters (compared with the conventional block).


    Hygiene wonder

    As in the previous version, the process area in the new can seamer is hermetically separated from the drive area – a unique selling point that really sets these hygienically designed block solutions apart from the competition. Cables and supply hoses are located outside the process area, and all components in the process area itself are made of stainless steel. The seamer can be cleaned using hot caustic, which removes bacteria, yeasts and spores more reliably than conventional foam cleaning. The same is true for interior and exterior cleaning (CIP and COP).

    More design highlights

    According to product manager Dalibor Mandic, the optimized changeover times achieved by integrating quick-change systems for handling parts are among the primary advantages of the 14-head Modulseam as they help to save time and money in production.

    And speaking of optimization: Krones’ experts also took the transfer of cans from the filler to the seamer to a whole new level, redesigning and improving all of the components involved. This is particularly important because, at the high speeds of this performance category, even the slightest disturbance can have severe consequences for the transfer, for instance causing product to slop out of the cans. 

    Meanwhile, a lower output per head on the new Modulseam variant reduces wear and tear. And as if that weren’t enough, the Modulseam’s fast changeovers translate into lower costs and higher flexibility for producers.

    The 14-head Modulseam is extremely robust in its design, to endure the powerful forces at play on such high-speed machinery. It has a solid base frame and four support columns instead of the usual three. That ensures that the machine’s weight is evenly distributed, which also makes for faster installation and commissioning as well as excellent repeatability of changeovers and adjustments. For machine operators, that means less fine tuning, improved access and easier maintenance.

    Image 37796
    The 14-head Modulseam is the ideal solution for high-speed filling.

    Modulfill Bloc FS-C combines Modulseam and Modulfill VFS-C

    • Filling sensitive beverages into cans
    • Modulfill Bloc FS-C with a compact cleanroom or in a conventional configuration
    • Handles even lightweight cans with the utmost care
    • Unites traditional and aseptic filling technologies
    • Smaller footprint and fewer interfaces than with stand-alone machines
    • Process technology and electrical components from a single source
    • Smaller footprint
    • Process area designed to a dry-floor concept
    • Hygienic design separates the process area from the drive area and enables hot-caustic cleaning
    • Central, shared control panel for filler and seamer
    • Optimal transfer between filler and seamer

    Always there for you: Krones’ global service network

    When it comes to maintenance, the integration of the filler and seamer ensures easier service. Only one Krones technician, who is trained to work on both the filler and the seamer, is needed on site to carry out maintenance and repairs on the Modulfill Bloc FS-C with an integrated Modulseam. “That means our customers can benefit from the high quality and fast response times of Krones’ global service network,” says Dalibor Mandic.

    The new Modulseam is now being produced at the Neutraubling plant, where Krones has combined the design, manufacturing and final assembly of the entire filler-seamer block. The close proximity of the production steps also makes for a smaller carbon footprint. The new Modulseam will be sealing up its first cans for beverage manufacturers by the end of this year. It’s clean, fast and reliable.

    The Modulseam at a glance

    • Perfect seamer for the Modulfill Bloc FS-C, whether in a conventional layout or with a compact cleanroom
    • Rated at up to 110,000 cans per hour
    • Fast changeovers
    • Sturdy kit designed for
      • Fast commissioning
      • High repeatability of changeovers and adjustments
      • Less need for fine-tuning
      • Improved access
      • Easier maintenance
    02. November 2023
    3:15 min.

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