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    Small components make for big gains in safety and reliability
      19. March 2024

      Small components make for big gains in safety and reliability

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      The leak monitoring device can not only be used with new fittings, but can also be retrofitted to existing components.

      Valves are indispensable tools for directing and shutting off product flows in automated beverage and liquid-food production processes. To prevent unscheduled production downtimes and, especially in aseptic processes, to ensure the highest level of hygiene, it is imperative that the valves operate reliably. 

      Even in aseptic processes, external factors and simple wear and tear can lead to defects in a membrane, metal bellows or seal. And that can have severe consequences for the production operation. Because if a leak is dis-covered too late, entire batches of product must be destroyed and cannot be sold. 

      To prevent this from happening, Krones’ subsidiary Evoguard has developed a leak monitoring tool that uses a sensor to monitor humidity at the back of the membrane on ESL valves or at the back of the metal bellows on aseptic valves. The system alerts the operator immediately if it measures a too-high level of humidity. Thus, the company operating the line can see in documented real time when a leak occurred and take timely action. As a result, it’s no longer necessary to destroy an entire, large batch.

      The leak monitoring tool can be used not only on new valves. It can also be retrofitted to existing compo-nents. The sensor is equipped with an M12 plug for easy integration into the line. The expertise within the Krones Group makes it possible to quickly and easily put this important measurement to work in all control concepts. 

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