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    Krones Digital Services
    Produce reliably
    Produce reliably

      By combining your production data with our Digital Services, together we optimise the processes along your value chain and get the most out of your lines.

      It's your choice: Digital Services from Krones - in the Cloud or on-premise

      The advantages of the Cloud

      • Connected directly to the Krones Ecosystem: You will increase the performance of your line by using and learning from your collected production data.
      • Use licence instead of software purchase: Benefit from significant cost advantages, also as they can utilise the solutions across multiple lines and plants.
      • Using a subscription model: Receive regular automatic updates and upgrades with new features.

      Advantages of on-premise

      • Profiting from experience: You are relying on a proven system which has been used on the market for many years and which contains a correspondingly large number of sophisticated functions.
      • Completely in your hands: You buy the software and install it in your own data processing centre. This way, not only is the data managed locally at your premises and by you, but the solutions can be used even without an Internet connection.
      • Individual configuration possible: Depending on the application, our software can be individually adjusted to your needs.

      Condition monitoring tool

      Our Cloud solution: Share2Act Watchdog

      With Watchdog, you can uncover changes in machine conditions at an early stage which, in a worst-case scenario, could have negative implications for your production process. The service utilises process-relevant machine information and thus reliably monitors defined limit values.

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      Order and material management

      On-Premise: SitePilot Line Management

      SitePilot Line Management puts the coordination of the entire filling and packaging process from a central position into your hands – from the definition of the production route based on the order to the labelling of the pallets.

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